Our Customers

“Your project was well managed and your employees conducted themselves in a professional and competent manner throughout the duration of the project. During the project, we encountered a few unique parapet wall flashing challenges. It was comforting to see the years of experience coming together, formulating a plan and mitigating the issues.”Huntington Bank

“All of my headaches are gone since the new roof system has been installed. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone interested in a roof project and I look forward to working with you on future roof endeavors.” -Lakewood Post Office

“Since our company is involved with the food industry, we carefully searched for the right company to install our new roof. Everything that we discussed at the pre-construction meeting from safety to job clean up was executed in a professional manner without any interruption to our daily operations. Last of all, I would highly recommend FPS Roofing to our other facilities or to anyone else that needs a first class roofing company.” -Norse Dairy Systems

“FPS Roofing’s performance installing our roof met all of our expectations and alleviated any concerns we had regarding installing a new roof over the food warehouse inventory.” -US Food Service

“Thank you for your top notch performance on installing the new Energy Star elastomeric roofing system on our metal building. All the benefits of this system including the savings are being enjoyed by our company.” -Spirol International

Our Customers Include: