A Cost Effective Approach
[Infra-red Thermography Scans]

Infrared Thermography Scans are a proven method for detecting trapped moisture in the existing roof system. It can help prevent equipment downtime, production loss, and also help pinpoint those hard to find roof leaks. Infrared Thermography Scans are required when considering cost-effective solutions such as roof restoration or roof recovery as it helps to diagnose the condition of the existing roof system in question. Due to high costs associated with roof replacement, we recommend that infrared thermography scans are performed anytime a building is being sold, purchased, or leased.

During the day, the sun radiates energy onto the roof and into the roof substrate, and then at night, the roof radiates the heat back into outer space. This is often referred to as "radiational cooling". Areas of the roof that are of a higher mass (wet) will retain this heat longer than that of the lower mass (dry) areas. Infrared thermography scans will detect this heat and see the "warmer", higher mass areas, during the "window" of uneven heat dissipation.