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Commercial Roofing Foreman

Pay: $20-$30 per hour with a lucrative signing bonus
Full Time, Mon-Friday
Hours: 7am to 5pm (start times and quit times will vary depending on weather) Occasionally weekend work will be required, if scheduling demands
Drivers License Required
US work authorization required

Health Insurance
Paid time off: there is no set number of days off per year. If you need days off let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate.

Job Description:
Execute roof projects on schedule
Keep your crew safe
Communicate clearly and honestly with all other staff, superiors and subordinates Lead your crew by example
Treat client property with respect as if it were your own

Communicate clearly with Project Manager on scheduling and needs
Communicate with clients and suppliers
Maintain professionalism in difficult situations
Encourage subordinates and report all notable successes and failures of employees

Ensure all jobsite materials and tools are collected prior to the start of the job
Ensure proper safety equipment is installed on each project before work begins Communicate with Project Manager on change orders, complications, inspections, equipment scheduling
Manage start time, breaks, lunch and quit times each day
Communicate with crew about current schedule
Take responsibility for ensuring roof is watertight at the end of each day
Take responsibility for tool upkeep and jobsite housekeeping
Ensure all opened and usable materials are returned and organized for future use

Absolute No’s:
Creating an unsafe work environment
Creating a negative work environment
Wasting material due to laziness or sloppiness
Leaving a roof in a position of risk overnight

Travel will be a daily part of your job as a Commercial and Industrial Foreman. We expect flexibility on an as needed basis. Due to the nature of the job, this may mean very little travel in one season with lots of travel in the next. We service roughly 40 states, so stay over may be required for jobs with further destinations.