Prevention: [Roof Maintenance]

Did you know that the NRCA [National Roofing Contractors Association] recommends roof maintenance be performed at least twice a year? In fact, one of the best times to schedule a roof inspection is after sever weather events. Severe storms and high winds can wreak havoc on your buildings roof. In fact, 13 of the top 22 costliest weather events in 2020 were severe storms. Additionally, the National Weather Service has recently added an alert specifically for "destructive" storms. Be prepared for extreme weather events by scheduling routine inspections.

There is zero debate that preventative roof maintenance will extend the life of your current roof system. Maintaining your roof will save you on average, $.08/sq. ft. per year vs. a more reactive approach. Typically, roof systems that are maintained, last roughly 8 years longer than non-maintained roof systems. FPS Roofing offers custom preventative maintenance programs tailored to our customer's unique needs.